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Online Safety

Why is it so important for our Britannia Bridge children?

The internet is a wonderful resource – a whole exciting world of knowledge, education, entertainment and fun. It can be a great way for our children to have fun, explore, learn and socialise. However, our children do face risks such as cyberbullying, exploitation and seeing content that is not age appropriate. Today, our children and young people spend a lot of time online, in the virtual world, and understanding what your child does online (and the risks they face) will help you to educate your child and keep them safe.


SMART – this our Britannia Bridge way of remembering how to keep ourselves safe online. Some are our children are SMART Ambassadors – they ask us, daily, on the playground, if there is anything worrying us online. Please see the link below for our online safety policy.

Useful information and websites for parents/carers