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At Britannia Bridge, to maintain our positive well-being, all our adults and children use our Five Ways to Well-being strategies. Mrs Greenhalgh coordinates this, throughout school, and we thank her for our weekly Well-being Activity ideas.

We also use GROW Coaching:

G – What is your goal?

R – What is your reality?

O – What options do you have?

W – What will you do?

Our Britannia Bridge GROW Coaches

Staff Well Being Charter

Other ways we look after our well-being:

  • We have a set of well-being themed books in every class.

  • We talk/learn about well-being in our assemblies/Collective Worship.

  • We enjoy many community events, with our teachers and grown-ups.

  • We take well-being time, in class, when we need it. We have well-being sessions timetabled – Mrs Greenhalgh organises these for us all.

  • We enjoy World Mental Health Day, every year.

  • We discuss our ideas and opinions, within our School Parliament.

  • Our teachers ‘check in’ on us, every day.

  • Jo is our Play Therapist – she helps us, when we need it.

  • Our teachers are trained to help us with our well-being.

  • And much, much more!


Be Active – sometimes, we enjoy Class Yoga.
Connect – here we are connecting through playing Board Games.
Give – we love to give to others. We took part in a Kindness Challenge for our grown ups.
Keep Learning – here we are, learning how to make our own ice-cream!
Take Notice – one way we like to Take Notice is through Breathing Exercises. We also enjoy Guided Meditation, sometimes.

And… we came second place in the Walk to School Challenge – we were definitely Being Active! Take a look below…

wellbeing WOW
WOW Poster