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Specific Responsibilities

ResponsibilityName of Governor
Link GovernorMr Graham Ralphs
Vulnerable Children Governor (including Safeguarding and Looked After Children)*Miss Steph Moss
Special Education Needs and Disability Governor*Mrs Jane Uzsoy
Health and Safety GovernorMr Graham Ralphs
Pupil Premium GovernorMr Graham Ralphs
Website Compliance GovernorMrs Hayley Federici
WellbeingMiss Hayley Makin
Attendance Mrs Dorothy Harrison

Curriculum Responsibilities

Curriculum AreaName of Governor
Core curriculumMrs Danielle Brooks
Non-core curriculumMrs Dorothy Harrison

Dates of Meetings

Autumn Term 2023Date and Time
Full Governing Body Business MeetingThursday 28th September @ 6pm
ResourcesThursday 12th October @ 4pm
PayThursday 19th October @ 2pm
Standards and CurriculumTuesday 21st November @ 4.30pm
Full Governing Body MeetingWednesday 6th Dec @ 6pm
Spring Term 2023Date and Time
ResourcesThursday 11th January @ 4pm
Standards and CurriculumTuesday 6th February @ 4.30pm
Full Governing Body MeetingThursday 21st March @ 6pm
Summer Term 2023Date and Time
Resources (budget setting)Thursday 25th April @ 4pm
Standards and CurriculumTuesday 21st May @ 4.30pm
ResourcesThursday 20th June @ 4pm
Full Governing Body MeetingThursday 11th July @ 6pm